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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Heating and Work

I woke up this morning to find my propane levels had apparently dropped dramatically overnight, according to Miranda's useless sensors. So, I have anywhere from one day to one week's left of propane (hence the word useless). I noticed that one of my neighbours has a huge tank hooked up to their coach. So, I spoke to the manager about propane delivery and she said that someone is coming by on Tuesday, Monday being Thanksgiving, and that I could get an account set up then for a propane tank rental. However, it could be up to two weeks before I could get a tank hooked up and filled! This is because they have to run a credit check on all customers because of the rental equipment.

The manager repeated that I should get electric heaters and confirmed that I am unmetred (unless I get crazy with my electric consumption). I am going to get heaters, but I just don't feel that they would be as good for coach-wide heating as the furnace is. It makes more sense to me to use the furnace to maintain a general coach-wide temperature of about 17 or 18 and then use an electric heater to heat up the area I'm in to a comfortable temp of 20+. So, I think that getting the propane delivery set up would still be a good thing even if I go hog wild with electricity heating.

Meanwhile, I'm rationing propane. :-) Thankfully, it's gorgeous outside, so I can cook there on the Coleman or the hibachi (now that I am no longer charring my meals!), and the sun has been doing a fine job of heating the coach during the day.

In other news, I got a bit of training this afternoon and was asked to work all day tomorrow to apply that training. Training for what, you might ask? For signing people in after hours, of course! I have also been asked to put in three hours on Sunday morning in the office so that the day people can go to church. So, I have to learn their computer reservation system, cash register operation, and also tour the campground to learn where all the sites are and how to best direct people into them. There's a lot to take in! I'm especially glad that there is cash register work to do since that will update my resumé in regards to retail experience.

Last night's gate closing at 11 wasn't too bad. I showered and changed into my PJs ahead of time, so it was just a matter on slipping into shoes and a coat and popping out for five minutes and then going to bed straight away after since I was exhausted. But this morning's 6:25 wake up call was a tad brutal!!! At least, it doesn't take long to get the gates open. I was back in my still warm bed at 6:30 and managed to fall asleep again. I'm just glad that it's pitch black out at both those hours because of my sartorial choices! LOL Oh, and the manager says that she also performs gate operation duties in her PJs, so I won't get weird looks from her if she sees me. :-) In a few days, once I've learned the necessary procedures, I'll need to perform 'cash out' duties in the evenings. She normally does that at 9 and then goes back out to do the gates at 11, but it's up to me. I might end up preferring to go out at 10:30 and do everything at once. I suppose it will depend on how cold it is!

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