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Sunday, October 5, 2008


The US border being just 25 minutes away, I decided to add a state to my list and go to Washington for half a day, the main purpose for the trip being a chance to fill my toad for about 15$ less than I can in Canada. Since I feel that you should always have something to declare upon reentry (looks less suspicious, even if you just spent 20$), I checked to see if there might be a Walmart Super Center nearby. There was! It's in Omak, about an hour and a half away.

I had no problems entering the United States. When asked when I was going home, I replied truthfully that I will be leaving Oliver in a week. For the first time, I was asked to pop open my trunk, but that was the only delay before entering my 26th state!

The scenery on the drive to Omak down the US 97 was breathtaking!

I had lunch at Tequila's in Omak, which promised 'authentic' Mexican fare. I have no idea if it was authentic, but it sure was good! My Spanish accent must be as good as my profs said it is since after ordering my 'burrito a la crema' (chicken cooked in sour cream and wrapped in a tortilla), the server only addressed me in Spanish! What a nice way to get a change of scenery while staying close to home!

Crossing the border back into Canada was a non-event. I declared the 30 bucks worth of stuff I'd bought at Walmart (including a huge quantity of RV-friendly toilet paper, something I have not being able to find here), and did not have to pay any customs on my purchases.

On the way back, I intended to stop off at the Canada Desert Centre, but it closes early, so I'll need to try again. I did get a shot of Canada's desert! :)

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Anonymous said...

Next time visit Conconully Lake, Omak Lake, the Okanogan River, Green Lake, Rebecca Lake, Wanacutt Lake, Palmer Lake, Spectacle Lake, Fish Lake, Blue Lake, Leader Lake, Mocassin Lake, Black Pine Lake, the Twisp River, the Methow River, the Columbia River, Dry Falls, Sun Lakes, Whitestone Lake, Chopaka Lake, and Big Goose and Little Goose Lakes, you will see some really beautiful scenery in the Okanogan.

Thanks for the post.

Welcome to the Okanogan.