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Friday, October 10, 2008

Rub a Dub Dub

Like every single park I've been to since hitting the road, this one had has a rule page with one entry that stands out: NO WASHING RV.

That's all well and good and understandable, but Miranda was getting to be extremely filthy and embarrassing looking and I hadn't had any luck finding an RV wash place.

So, I asked here if I could wash the dirtiest parts of her with a rag and bucket and was told that this is fine. I was even offered a ladder! I went out and got a bottle of car cleaner with wax in it. I started with her rear because it was turning black. What a difference the wash made! I then started on her sides but realised that there was no way I could wash her entirely by hand in one afternoon. Her sides weren't that bad, actually, and only really in need of a wash from the tops of the compartments down. So, I did only that part. I washed the cab completely, also. The only thing I didn't manage to wash, and this bugs me, is the bug-encrusted overhead cab. I just could not find a good angle to access it. And, yes, I tried using a mop; it just didn't have enough scrubbing power. Still, Miranda looks much better than she did a couple of hours ago! I did the same thing with Pommette.

I can't believe what a difference this location is to my last. I'm in almost full sun here and I had to crank open a couple of windows. All of last week, I had to run the heat throughout the day to maintain a constant temperature. This will make a huge difference in the winter.

Finally, I discovered I have another perk here: phone access. Once I get a long enough phone cord, I'll be able to receive calls on a regular phone at absolutely no charge. For outgoing calls, I'll need to compare the rates to that of my cell, but I'm sure they'll be better. I'm glad I had the foresight to bring my cordless phones and answering machine with me!

When I add it all up--good internet access, unmetred electricity, unlimited incoming phone calls on top of the site with running water and sewer--I'm going to be willing to work quite a few hours for this park without feeling that I'm being exploited. Heck, just the internet is a huge thing. I had thought that I'd have to get online on my own this winter and estimates put that bill at close to 100$ per month. So, I don't want to hear anyone say that I'm volunteering too many hours! I'll keep track of those hours in the beginning, but I'm not going to be a clock watcher.

Now, if I can only get paying work. The supermarket won't have a position for me just yet and probably not before November. I dropped off another resumé today, this time at Home Hardware, and made a list of places to visit on Monday. I'm not concerned yet. If I haven't had any nibbles in the next week, then I'll expand the search to Osoyoos and then to Penticton if I get really desperate. But I'd really love to find something in Oliver, so that I can be walking (or even biking) distance to work. Penticton would be quite a commute and I would be spending a fortune on gas.

Well, all that scrubbing sure worked up an appetite, so I'm off to make a yummy dinner. :-)

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