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Monday, October 13, 2008

Settling In and Training

I don't feel it would be appropriate to give too many details about my hosting job or my colleagues, but I'll at least give a taste of what I've been up to.

Yesterday, I trained in the office for a full day. It's been quiet, so I didn't really learn a lot. Therefore, I was asked to come back in for a few hours today. So, I did the afternoon. I'm learning how to check in guests, use the computer system and cash register, and otherwise see how things are done here.

Mornings, I get up and open the gate at 6:30 and I close them again at 11 at night. This is quite brutal if I need to be up and at 'em like I did yesterday. I went back to bed after doing the gates and had to get up again at 8. Next time, I'll stay up. But this morning I was able to go back to sleep for as long as I needed, so I felt fine.

Last night, I learned how to cash out for the day and I'll be doing that again tonight with supervision. Tomorrow, I should get my keys and then do this on my own from then on. I imagine that starting next week I'll be expected to do my full duties in the evening, which is when I know I'll really start to learn things. :-)

Life here has thus far been quite pleasant and I feel that my privacy and personal schedule are respected even though I'm right on site.

I sent out a few more resumés over the weekend after checking out the local newspaper, so hopefully I'll be able to start paying work soon. Today being Thanksgiving, I didn't think there was a point of going into town to hand out more resumés.

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