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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I had someone over for dinner tonight for the first time in recent memory! It was a good friend of mine who used to be my boss! We've been so insanely busy that we hadn't had much of a catchup in months. It was so nice to share my lovely and organized home with someone, as well as break out the nice linens and tea accoutrements!

Dinner menu:

-one bottle white wine (found at the back of the fridge, opened tentatively, and muchly appreciated);
-garlic butter/lemon juice shrimp... with a generous splash of white wine :-);
-julienned veggies tossed with the buttery shrimp;
-baked salmon with a hint of lemon pepper seasoning;
-thinly sliced potatoes baked with butter, salt, and pepper;
-TWO pots of tea;
-dessert she brought: one half piece each of cherry chocolate pie, raspberry chocolate torte, brownie, and rum raisin almond cake (from the fancy bakery in the town between ours)

Calories schmalories! LOL

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