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Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Cooking

For dinner tonight, I decided to make bulgur, using a recipe in Sans viande pourquoi pas! to inspire me.

This cookbook is my bible for preparing legumes and grains and was the inspiration for what became my staple meal as a student: lentil stew.

The recipe I looked at for tonight was for a tabbouleh style bulgur, with lots of parsley as well as red peppers and broccoli. None of those ingredients are particularly interesting right now, so I just used the suggestion to cook the bulgur in vegetable broth, then add carrots and celery, as well as an onion. Now, this isn't something you see every day in my kitchen:

I tend to get my veggies (except for onions) from a bag in the freezer. :-)

The recipe calls for boiling the veggies with the bulgur, but the instructions on the bulgur bag call for it to just sit in hot water. So, I followed the instructions for the bulgur and meanwhile cooked the veggies in a bit of oil to draw out their sugar, finishing with a quick steam. I then added the bulgur:

Unfortunately, the bulgur smelled a bit old, even though it was recently purchased. With the veggie broth and veggies, it's palatable, but I doubt I'll go through the rest of the bag. Next time, I'll buy my bulgur in bulk at the health food store.

I served this with a Tofurky brand Italian-style vegan sausage. Like all vegan sausages I've tried so far, except perhaps for Yves breakfast links, it relies far too heavily on salt for flavouring. I really need to come up with my own recipe.

I'd give dinner 2 stars for taste, but 5 stars for potential. :-)

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