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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Woohoo, I finally organized my computer armoire!

I will not show any before pictures, but I did leave some dust. :-)

My computer armoire is my favourite spot in the house. I researched armoires for months before settling on this one. It's almost perfect. The one I wanted had more cubbies and a built-in filing cabinet, but it was also twice as big and ten times as expensive. This armoire fits perfectly in the space reserved for it and it has the exact layout I was looking for.

The upper portion:

I needed an armoire that had a space that was wide and high enough to accommodate a 24" iMac and allow me to swing it around easily to access the CD slot on the side. I also needed a keyboard tray that would go far enough back for me to be able to sit at a reasonable distance from the monitor. Obviously, this armoire fits the criteria and even has a bonus feature in the extra level between the desktop and the keyboard tray. Since I watch DVDs on my computer and live alone, I frequently eat at my computer. I keep a placemat on that extra level and slide the keyboard tray under when I eat, keeping things neat.

The lower portion:

This is what took me so long to organize. It's obviously configured for a computer setup where you have a tower. In the tower section, I put the files I use almost daily. My filing cabinet is upstairs and I noticed that papers weren't making it up there and ended up being scattered in two or three places. Above it is paper for the printer (which sits on top of the armoire).

The bottom right has wooden unit with drawers which holds all 'office' paraphernalia, including pens, pencils, stapler, rulers, etc. Behind it is my modem.

Above the cubbies is my powerbar and loose change collector.

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