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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Laundry and Cooking

I finally decided to tackle the laundry area today. It needed tidying up more than decluttering and organizing:

I put away the clean laundry and used the three plastic drawers to store overflow linens and rags.

Not much of a shocking transformation, but that's all I needed.

Moving on...

My food fatigue phase has led me to reexamine the way I cooked ten years ago and compare it to today. Yeesh. I pulled out all the cookbooks that used to be opened almost daily, selected a few recipes, did a run at the health food store for items that stopped being staples when I stopped being able to afford them, and promised myself to make all the recipes this week.

First on the list are 'silver dollar pancakes' from Burgers 'n Fries 'n Cinnamon Buns. I can't believe I haven't opened this book in recent memory as it offers vegan alternatives to a bunch of foods I've stopped eating since I've had to cut back on dairy and eggs (which I'm trying to eliminate altogether). The recipes I've tried are all fantastic, and it's in this book that I first got the idea to make oven fries as well as 'sausage' from red kidney beans.

The pancakes were awesome!!! I couldn't believe it. The vanilla really gives them oomph. I did find them a bit blah at the beginning and needing syrup, so I added some raisins. This way, they are good as is. The recipe makes a big batch, so I'll freeze the individual portions for a weekday treat.

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