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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Saturday's projects weren't the biggest chunk of my weekend, believe it or not.

I was really, really sick of the white melamine armoire that graces my entrance:

It's been the first thing I see when arriving at home for five years (it was a pantry for 4 and a bit and is now my entrance closet). I decided it was time to do something fun with it and figured that since it'll probably not make the move to Manitoba with me and I will therefore not have to live with it for more than eight or so months,I would paint it a fun colour: orange.

My initial plan was to reface the whole thing with beadboard, but I could have bought a new armoire for the cost of those materials. Instead, I decided to go with paintable vinyl wallpaper. I used that material in my old house, so I knew what to expect with it. My budget was 50$ and I spent 65$ at Réno-Dépôt on Thursday evening. That's okay, there's tons of paint left and I have another item that could use brightening up!

I decided to add some mouldings to the door, mostly so I could use one my favourite toys:

The poor thing has been so neglected since I moved and has sat all alone in the dungeon for seven months!

I wallpapered the armoire Thursday and Friday evenings, got to work on mouldings on Saturday and started to paint, finished painting on Sunday, let everything cure on Monday, and reattached the doors today. I need to touch up the paint a bit and add the pulls. I have the pulls, but the screws are too short and I didn't feel like braving the dungeon tonight to get longer ones.

I'm not thrilled with the way the mouldings turned out (the wood was infuriatingly brittle), but a couple of coats of paint hides a multitude of sins. At any rate, this is so much more welcoming than white:

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