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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

January Food Expenditures So Far

I'm doing really well this month, only 110$ spent so far on groceries and restauranting. I'm trying to not go grocery shopping this month, beyond perhaps another jaunt to GT, and will probably get lunch once or twice at the food court to get some fresh veggies and fruit.

One thing I'm going to try in February is to set up a schedule for grocery shopping. My current system is to eat up everything in the house and then go shopping. I'd like to make it a habit of going to get groceries once a week, say on Thursday night (or whenever) and get whatever's on special that week that fits onto my master pantry list. This way, I'll have a clear idea of how long something absolutely has to last me.

The food pickings this week seemed really slim, but I just pulled off two awesome dinners with leftovers for lunch. Last night, I made a basic white sauce to which I added a can of tomato soup and some dried basil to make a really yummy (albeit lumpy) rosée sauce. I have tons of parmesan left in the fridge, so I added a bit to the sauce before serving it over pasta. Tonight, I used one of the spelt pastry crusts in the freezer to make a rice pie, which will give me lunch tomorrow and a quickie dinner since I'll be going out and won't have time to cook.

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