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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Organizing DVDS... and a Contest

DVD storage has been a bit of a conundrum for me. VHS tapes were just as bad. I like having them out on a shelf where I can see my library at a glance, as I do with books. However, too many people see a library of DVDs as an invitation to abscond with some. I'll admit it: I don't like to lend my stuff. Okay, there are some people with whom I have exchanges all the time and that's great (I'm a notorious borrower), but there are others who return my items in poorer shape than when they borrowed them, and see nothing wrong with this. What can I say, I don't appreciate tears in the DVD covers or huge scratches across the disc.

All that to say that I've come up with a system that I don't adore, but which works for my current space. I'd actually call it perfect for this space:

All my DVDs are arranged in Ikea Kasset boxes by alphabetical order. I don't separate tv shows from movies or anything like that. Just straight up alphabetical order by title. This is just one unit containing boxes. I have three others. :-) The units have doors that close so my collection is perfectly hidden, but easily accessible.

Where's the contest part of this post, you ask?

I have one unopened package containing two Kassett boxes to give away! I will ship anywhere.

Please leave a comment with some contact info.

The draw will take place on February 28, 2008, my blog's first anniversary!

Anyone who blogs about this contest will get an extra entry!

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Anonymous said...

Did someone say IKEA? Count me in and my how they fit perfectly on your shelves!