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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sometimes, Settle for 'Done'

What's a bird to do when her whole house (minus the dungeon, which she's avoiding) is neat and organized? How about doing little projects she's put off for years because there were more pressing things to do?

Project number one was to take a huge box of pictures spanning five decades and to sort them in relative chronological order into an album with descriptions. This wasn't a huge project; there were fewer than 300 pictures to sort, but pictures haven't been a huge priority to me until recently. Now that I have a pretty album to pull out for guests, I'm tempted to get a few of my digital pictures printed!

Project number two was one that I have put off for ten years. It was to create a scrapbook of sorts that would hold all the receipts, tickets, and other paper related to the various trips I have taken. It took me about a half hour to sort everything and then insert it into a nice photo album with sticky pages. Yeah, it's not ultra pretty, but it's organized and my mementos are no longer stuck in a box at the back of a closet. I can't believe I've put that off for ten years and am glad to have settled for 'done.'

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