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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Contrary Coupon Position

I was just clipping coupons at iga.ca (really!) in preparation for a grocery trip today when I began to think about a common coupon 'tip'--to never buy with a coupon something you wouldn't have bought otherwise.

Why not?

Sometimes there are products I'd like to try, but I find the price a bit steep. Take, for example, the sun dried tomato and artichoke veggie sausages in the tofu case at my local supermarket. They seemed so good, but at a cost of 3.99$ for a package of 4, seemed outrageously priced. When I got a coupon for half off a package, I jumped on it. The sausages turned out to be yummy, but way too salty, so not worth 1$ each as they would have to supplement a meal, not be a meal. But at 50 cents each, I felt that they could be a nice treat. So now, whenever I see a coupon for them or they go on sale, I get a couple of packages and toss them in the freezer.

I also have a bunch of coupons from save.ca. It's a site with coupons organized by province. You select the ones you want and they are mailed to you. Fantastic site!

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