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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tuna Casserole

I know I should probably eat more tuna and I really don't mind the taste, but the chickeny texture bothers me somewhat. I've come up with a way to make tuna that will feed me for three meals (generous portions with seconds) or five meals (non-piggish portions).

I start by scoping out specials on tuna and 'Tuna Helper.' I'm sure there are more frugal ways to make tuna casserole, but I love the noodles and sauce in Tuna Helper and it's so much more convenient than making a (lumpy white sauce). So, to reiterate, I get the tuna and TH on special.

Once I have the tuna and TH, I wait until I'm in the mood for a hot, filling casserole. I prepare the TH as stated on the side of the box, for baking in the oven. I use 3.5 cups boiling water and no milk. I bake it for 30 minutes, to give time for the noodles to cook and some to crisp up. I then add a generous handful of frozen veggies (usually lima beans/carrots/peas/corn/green beans) and return the dish to the oven for a few more minutes. I then stir some grated cheese (usually yellow cheddar) into the casserole and top it with crushed soda crackers. After another few minutes in the oven, I broil the dish for a minute (watch it!) so that the crackers brown.

Voila! It's not too pretty, but it's sinfully delicious, and fairly cheap, too, if you got all the 'ingredients' on special.

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