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Thursday, March 1, 2007

A Conundrum

I pass a seedy dépanneur twice a day on my walk to and from work, a dépanneur which, by the way, is located right across the street from my new house. It has had a sign out front all week which has been mocking me: Belle Gueule beer, case of six, any style, for 6.99$ plus tax and deposit. In case that wasn't obvious, that's a really, really, really good deal.

Beer is my second biggest vice after coffee. That said, I don't over imbibe. I think I drink at most twelve a year lately, savouring each one. Beer drinking used to be simple--I'd walk over to one of the numerous pubs near my apartment on a Friday (and sometimes Saturday) night and have a pint. Simple. But now I live in the boonies and have to drive everywhere. I don't like to drive after having a beer unless at least an hour and a half has gone by since I'm a lightweight. Sometimes, you don't need to sit in a pub for an hour and a half, especially not in the pubs near my house.

So, I'm tempted to buy beer at the dép or supermarket and drink at home. It's definitely cheaper, by about two thirds, than getting an equivalent quantity at a pub. But 'they' say you're not supposed to drink alone.

What to do, what to do?

In my case, you wait for great deals like this, let the anticipation mound, and then treat yourself to a case of Belle Gueule rousse, which is a perfectly suitable stand in for Rickard's Red. You have one that night and let the rest sit in the fridge, to be enjoyed slowly, one at a time, over a three to six month period.

Who cares what 'they' say?! Besides, my gods approve of red beer. :-)

For my bread shall be made of the white barley, and my ale shall be made from the red grain of the god Hapi, which the Sektet Boat and the Atett Boat shall bring unto me, and I will eat my food under the leaves of the trees whose beautiful arms I myself do know. (From the Book of Coming Forth By Day)

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