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Friday, March 16, 2007

Frugal television?

On the way to pick up the newest-on-dvd season of a show I like, I found myself wondering if I wasn't being a bit impatient and unfrugal by not waiting for the price to go down. No, I decided.

There are currently only two shows I get on DVD. By the time a new season hits the shelf, it's been about two years since I saw the previous season. I've waited a long time to see how the cliffhanger ends!

'Instant gratification' in this case isn't buying the DVDs the week them come out, but paying the ridiculous price for cable or satellite tv.

I spend on DVD sets (purchases and rentals) in a year what some people spend on cable or satellite each month.

That amount will go down even further when I get high speed as I'll be able to download some of the shows I currently rent. At a dollar per episode for downloads (and some downloads being free as I wouldn't pay for something I could get through rabbit ears), it's still cheaper than renting.

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