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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I didn't get a lot of groceries tonight since I'm moving on some indeterminate date next week. I wanted to get just a few fresh items to supplement what I've got left in the pantry and freezer for this week and upcoming weekend, and then do the 'day-to-day' thing for next week.

So, armed with a few coupons, a calculator, and my price book, I came to the conclusion that I did not get the 'rock bottom' price for cheese, but I did get a good deal. I must have been a lot of fun in the cheese aisle during 'rush hour' today, trying to figure out which sale cheese had the best per 100 g price. It turned out to be Lactantia (again), but the per 100g price was 1.15$, which is considerably higher than the .83$ per 100g I paid at Bloblaws a couple of weeks ago. I was okay with paying the 1.15$ price since the extra 2 Airmiles were compensation. I'm so proud of myself for taking the time to figure out what the best deal was out of all my choices AND for having a point of reference!

I also picked up some fresh basil for 1.99$ per bunch (cannot wait to have an herb garden again) with coupon, which included another extra 2 Airmiles, and some pitas, thinking that I could use some of my tomato soup to make mini-pizzas on the weekend. Then, as I was looking at the not-on-sale pizzas for dinner tonight, I had an embarrassing epiphany--why not have mini-pizzas tonight?

So, I did.

Mini pizzas are a whole pita, not split, with a tablespoon of tomato soup slathered over, and then sprinkled with herbs and cheese, then either nuked (tonight) or broiled (when the toaster oven is hooked up). With fresh basil they are absolutely amazing. Then again, just about anything is absolutely amazing with fresh basil.... I sprinkled some of the Lactantia mozzarella over the two I made, rolled one up for lunch tomorrow, and then remembered the (fresh) parmesan my mother gave me this weekend. So, the one I had tonight got two cheeses. I served the mini-pizza with a prepared salad (taxable, boohoo, so I spent 72 cent on taxes for my salads tonight) and more beer than I normally have on a weekday (bro gave me an oversize bottle for my birthday and it doesn't keep well when opened. *g*).

Yummy supper and pretty cheap, and took about 2 minutes to make, prep time included!

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