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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Not the most frugal way to get your veggies, but...

Except for the height of summer, when fresh veggies and fruit are cheap and abundant, I like to splurge, several times a week, on the prepared salads, veggies, and fruit that my local supermarket prepares. They're not cheap, but I can justify the expense:

1) more variety with no waste--if I bought all the various veggies (or fruits) that they use, I'd have enough fruit for two weeks, but it'd go to waste in a few days (not currently in a situation to freeze or use up the veggies/fruit in another way). I'm also not paying for peels or stems and whathaveyou that would be throwing out;

2) guaranteed veggie/fruit intake--no excuses about having no time to cook or prepare the fruits and veggies;

3) a healthier splurge than, say, chips or cookies--last time I called the RAMQ to complain about the lack of doctors, I was told to go to the States (!) and get reimbursed. It's cheaper to just stay healthy.

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