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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A startling revelation

Stuck in traffic yesterevening, I finally said aloud something that until then only my subconsciousness had accepted: I believe in the 'Judeo-Christian-Islamic god' and not only that, I believe the Bible is his word (twisted somewhat by translation, granted).

It gets better than that, though.

I truly believe that the Christian-Christian-Islamic god is the Aten and, thus, he belongs to the pantheon I honour. However, because he has turned his back on the other gods, is a rebel so to speak, and, thus, I do not have to honour anything he says that is contrary to what the other gods say. But he can only get away from their legacy so much, and while he is a tyrant and a bully, he has inherited the wisdom of the Tamerans (that doesn't make him wise, though), and while he has twisted that wisdom, it is still apparent in parts of the Bible. And what he says that is contrary to what the Tamerans say just further asserts what the Tamerans say.

So, and this is my big revelation: the Bible is as much the word of of the gods for me as it is the word of God for Christians. I can use it to further my knowledge of my gods.

Am I Wiccan, then? I know that if I begin to treat the Bible as one of my many holy books, equal to my book of shadows, to the Book of Coming Forth by Day, to the teachings of past Wiccans, then I am holding a controversial position.

But it feels right to me, and I feel no less Wiccan.

What a contrary faith I have chosen.

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