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Monday, June 9, 2008

The Day Has Come...

I'm going to view the coach tonight. Can't wait. There would be exclamation points if it weren't for the fact that I'm under the weather and bone tired. :-D

My only real concern with this coach is carry capacity; ie. how much stuff I can pile into it once it's loaded with gas, propane, and water. This issue, more than anything else, is going to be the deal breaker or maker for me.

I toured a family friend's 30 footer this weekend, which convinced me that I want at least 35 feet and that I'm really not nuts about the pass-through bathrooms.

I've decided to apply for 'proper' RV financing as this could end up opening up extra options for me. I'm not looking to get the maximum amount of RV a lender is willing to give me, but rather to make sure I don't pass a great deal because I'm 5K short on cash.

Later this week, once I've had time to gather my thoughts about the Tiffin and calculate its carrying capacity, I'll contact two other sellers about their coaches, one a bus, the other a diesel pusher.

The fact that the Tiffin I'm seeing tonight is not a DP really bugs me, although knowing the carrying capacity might assuage some of these misgivings. I have to say that the Tiffin has been the only RV I've seen so far with a floor plan I can immediately recognize as being suitable for full-timing. Hopefully, its carrying capacity will be equal to its fantastic layout.


Cedar said...

Although I'm not a full timer, I also do not care for the walk-through bathroom. If this MH has your preference in floor plan, then my suggestion is think about all the "stuff" you think you want to take along. Do you REALLY need it all?

I'll be waiting to hear more about it,....


Raven said...

Cedar, it's getting really hard to pare down my belongings any more than I have. Also, if this coach doesn't allow for at least 2,000lbs carrying capacity (after filling all the tanks), then it's not a good model for full-timing.

At any rate, I'm heading out in a few minutes to see it and will crunch the numbers before I go to bed tonight.

Thanks for your input.