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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Found a Class C To View...

It's not diesel, but it shows promise. The CCC is an issue, of course. Best case scenario, I'd have about 1,200lbs for my stuff and extras I'll be adding like solar panels, extra batteries, and a satellite dish. It's not much, but it's a number I feel I can work with. Worst case scenario, I have 500lbs, which is NOT a number I can work with at all. The guy has the RV weighed when he bought it, but the number is fairly meaningless since he doesn't remember if the tanks were full or if there was anyone in the RV at the time. I figure I might as well go see it myself, get the info on the specs plate, and extrapolate real data based on his weight amount.

It has a really good layout and, in fact, is my 'ideal' layout for a C: queen over cab bed; dinette with arm chairs across the aisle; nice kitchen and bathroom (toilet has its own room); and a rear bedroom with twin beds. I'd take out one of the twins to put in a computer desk and keep the other one as my sofa.

This is so much work. :-D

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