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Monday, June 2, 2008

One Door Wide Open

I was asked for an update on the bus situation. I'm really not convinced that a 1979 Wanderlodge is going to suit my needs. It's a sturdy product, but it is 30 years old, with steel springs instead of an air ride suspensions (which brings back nasty memories of boucing around in a school bus) and it has a cat 3208 engine that could make those BC mountains feel like Everest as I try climb them. There are so many cons that I'm not certain that 'It's a Wanderlodge!' makes up for them. Add to that the dismal cosmetics and I'm getting less and less enchanted the more I think about it.

That said, I have another candidate in mind! This one's not a bus, and it's not even diesel, but it's made by Tiffin motorcoaches, which also have a fabulous reputation. This coach is a '94, is in near perfect mechanical condition (minor things need updating, but they could wait), and the interior is gorgeous and spacious. It even has a full size tub! The only things I'd want to upgrade immediately would be the flooring (replace carpet with laminate) and to install a bookcase in the livingroom. Soon as I saw this coach, I want 'ah ha!' It's exactly the sort of space I see myself living in. The price is excellent, too, and I plan to make a rather lowball offer to see if I can knock even more money off. Yup, I think I've found my new home! I've contacted to seller to make arrangements to view it. The fact that it's located in Ottawa and was just recently safety checked are huge bonuses. The first fact means that I don't have to travel to see it (more $$$) and the latter means that I don't need to have another mechanical inspection done in order to purchase.

In other, related, news, The Letter arrived today at last. I didn't get the job. Yippee! I can't believe that was my reaction. There was a a time not so long ago when I would have seen not getting my dream job as being the end of the world, a portent of a dismal future. Now, I just see all the opportunities this would afford me! The gods have truly blessed this wayward child of their's.

I'm going out to celebrate with a friend tonight (celebrate NOT getting your dream job, how funny is that?!), so I'm off to research the nutritional content of squid in black bean sauce. Yum, yum!

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