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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

RV Financing

Wow, the financing issue is more complicated than I expected. I just had a long, and not particularly illuminating, conversion with a dealer in Laval. I told her what I feel would be my maximum comfortable payment per month and she told me that gave me two choices. The first is an older and very cheap RV financed over 5-10 years at a rate of 8 to 14%. The second is a brand new or almost brand new financed over 20 years at 6 to 7%.

I'm in the market for brand new? Now, that's news. Of course, we're talking a very basic class C.

At any rate, I looked at what they had on their site and nothing really jumped out at me since I don't want slides. There was one with no slides, but it had a queen in the bedroom, and I want the two twins. The lady says that they have 'nearly new' units that served as rentals which aren't on the site, but I'm not sure I'm ready at this point to do a round trip to Laval to see them.

I think it's time I spoke with the bank that takes car of my car loan.

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