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Friday, June 27, 2008


I had my first lesson tonight! Never mind that I won't be able to move tomorrow, I had a blast!

Of course, I have a lot to unlearn, and I felt like a complete novice tonight... until the teacher confessed that she'd put me on her hardest horse.

He's a former competition horse who only responds to perfectly performed commands. In that sense, he's a great teacher as he won't let a student get sloppy. But the teacher said that it would get very disheartening for a someone new in the saddle to experience him as their first horse. My lesson ran a half hour long, and I can say that in the last forty-five minutes, so halfway-through, this horse and I started to understand each other and I made obvious progress. So, even though my technique was all wrong and I need to learn to sit straight in the saddle and keep my heels down, I'm not starting from scratch at all.

In fact, things were going so well near the end that the prof decided to give me a preview of next week's lesson and had me trot for a bit. I had never liked trotting before because of my bosom. Today, it was a joy.

My next class is this coming Tuesday!

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