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Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Dreams Fulfilled

It's rare for something to come 'naturally' to me. I tend to get better with practise, but it's rare that I've had a moment when I did something for the first time and it just felt right.

Horseback riding is one of those things. Even though I've never had a formal lesson, I've always been able to keep up with my best friend, who is a skilled equestrian, when we go on trail rides together. I've always wanted to take lessons, if only to learn the basics like how to saddle a horse (!), but it's very expensive. When I finally thought that I could afford it, I realised that my bosom wouldn't let me. There just wasn't a bra that could strap me down enough to canter. So, I stopped riding.

Since my surgery last year, I've given thought to signing up for lessons, but kept pushing that thought away.

This week, as I began to envision the upcoming year, I realised that the basic equestrian skills I was lacking combined with my experience on horseback could give me an added edge when looking for work in the prairies.

So, I did some research, spoke to some people, and should be starting private horseback riding lessons in the next couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

Good for you.

Raven said...

I start on Friday afternoon!

I'm sure you can imagine what song is going through my head, LOL!!! (hint: red coats on a train)