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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Almost a third of the weight there...

Woohoo, I hit the 14lb weight loss this morning! I'm aiming to lose 45lbs (more if needed, but that's a start), so by next week I should be at a full third.

The last few weeks were a tad depressing. There was one week where I gained more than a pound back, and then I started to lose that pound in dribble increments of .2 to .4 pounds.

I introduced chicken into my diet, enabling me to suddenly be as sated with a diet of 1,200 calories as I had been with one of 1,300-1,700 calories. I made sure to stay under 1,500, but didn't otherwise obsess with how much I was eating. I also ate whatever I wanted, within those calorie limits, of course. Mmm... Treats apple cinnamon muffins. Best when consumed once per week only. :-)

Last week, the scale started to budge again--.8lbs gone last week from the week before that.

Today's numbers represent a 1.7lb loss from last week. WOOHOO!

The weight loss is finally starting to show in my clothing. Three weeks ago, I was still fitting into 1X but found some XL pieces that looked good. Two weeks ago, I had to let go of the 1X when I discovered that everything in XL fits me. Yesterday, I bought three XL sized tops and one L!

(What am I doing buying clothes? None of my 1-2X sized tops from last year fit and I actually need tee-shirts! I'm only buying tops on sale that I'll be able to wear again in my casual life starting this fall.)


Cedar said...

Congratulations on your weight loss! I'm doing the same thing,..but am a few "inches" behind you,.. just got into XL. What a great feeling!

Raven said...

Go you!

It is a great feeling, like I'm worshiping the temple my body is supposed to be.

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