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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Banks Amuse Me

Tuesday, I was advised by the lady taking care of the financing that the bank was backing out of part of the pre-approval terms because they now felt I was too much of a risk. I could still get the financing at the 6.99%, but over 5 years, not 9. If I met a certain condition, though, they would reconsider the 9 years.

The condition was so idiotic, a real given: they wanted me to provide them with proof that I did have the money to pay cash or give a down payment, but I was choosing not to. How idiotic is that? I had all that paperwork ready for them and was just waiting for them to ask for it. *rolls eyes*

So, today I finally got the papers I needed to sign and the terms stated weren't what I was expecting.


"Due to your excellent credit rating and financial portfolio, we are pleased to offer you a rate of interest of 6.49% instead of the previously discussed 6.99%. Thank you for doing business with us."

I'm choosing to laugh.

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