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Friday, July 4, 2008

The Count Down Begins...

Monday, I'm having my first official meeting (by phone) about financing pre-approval. I've done a lot of research about this, listened to both sides of the arguments, and concluded that, for me, I'm better off financing than using my savings. I have a good feeling about this lady I'll be working with. I emailed her at 8PM tonight... and she called me from home at 9:15 to schedule Monday's meeting. Talk about dedication to customer service.

Tuesday, the coach goes in for the mechanical inspection. Soon as I have the results from that, the owner and I are going to talk money. I'm dreading this talk. The guy put the coach on sale for 32K. It's a gorgeous unit, quite luxurious, and as close to a brand new rig as I could have ever dreamt (I'm itching to show pictures). But the book value for this rig is only 16K. If I factor in fair market value for some of the accessories he'd be throwing in, I still don't get at more than 18, 19K. The financing lady who has been in the RV business for many years came up with a figure of 17K, including accessories. That's 15K less than they're asking. Do I risk insulting them and losing out on this near perfect unit. I really don't have much time to look for anything else. The seller said that he's motivated, but how much so? His coach as been advertised all over the place since April. His wife is excited at the idea that the coach she loved and babied so much could pass into the hands of someone whose travels she'd be able to follow via a blog. I loathe talking money in this sort of scenario. If he was a dealer, no problem. I mean, I'm the one who got her brand new car financed at 0% for the 'paid in cash' price.



Cedar said...

Raven,.... the owner is expecting to come down on the price,...that's why it's marked up so he hopes to get a few thousand more than the book value. Go for the "dicker" on the money! Good luck!

Raven said...

Cedar, the owner already knows that I'm not paying anything near 32K. That said, we both know that the coach is in amazing shape with low mileage, so worth more, in theory, than book value. I'm therefore treading a fine line between overpaying and making an offer so low that he'll just tell me to take a walk.

Anyway, one step at a time!