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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Day Has Come at Last!

I get to go pick up Miranda at 6:30 tonight!

The previous owner called me on Saturday morning to let me know that he was releasing the keys... and that his neighbour with the keys had just left for the weekend. *edits a really honest, but not so nice, thought* Anyway, the neighbour called last night to say I can swing by tonight. At last!!!

A friend and I had planned to go pick up Miranda together in her car, so she could follow me to the storage location and give me a ride back. We both felt that I'd have enough stress without worrying about towing right away. Well, of course, now that my friend has been on standby for over a week, she had to leave town. So, trial by fire for me tonight. :-)

I went over to Their house yesterday to install Miranda's license plate (carrying a copy of an email giving me permission to be on Their property, just in case). I wasn't sure about what tools (wrench) I'd need for that or how complicated it would be (not at all), so I figured that I could save some time on pick up night. And, okay, I just wanted to make sure my rig was okay! :-) At the same time, I took a closer look at the tow hitch... and discovered that They hadn't left me the safety cables. *rolls eyes* So, I need to go pick some up before I get Miranda tonight. There's a store in Gatineau called 'Attache remorques'(Trailer Hitches), so I figured they would probably have the necessary item. They do. Thank goodness. I can't believe how much STUFF is involved in towing. Freedom doesn't come cheap!!!

My car is filled to the brim with assorted bits and bobs for the coach, as well as all my hand tools. Since Miranda will be parked 45 minutes from home, I won't have the luxury of making a million trips out to see her, so I need to maximize every visit. Moving will be easier than I'd thought, though. My mother is coming up the last weekend in August to get some of the furniture my sister wanted, plus the few boxes she'll store for me. It was supposed to be earlier, but this turns out to be a much better plan. I'll be able to pick up Miranda that morning and bring her up to my house and then fill her right there, with help in bringing in larger items like the mattress. Then, I can take off for a campground for my final three or four nights before hitting the road. I had another thought over the weekend. I wasn't sure what to do with the bed spreads and curtains that come with Miranda and which I don't want. I might as well store them.

This coming Saturday, provided the weather cooperates, I aim to go pick up Miranda bright and early and drive her to the nearest Home Depot so I can get all the major work done on her--back up camera installation, bed ripping out, carpet replacement, desk building, etc. That's going to be such a fun day!

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