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Friday, July 25, 2008

Okay, Now I Have Something To Say

Miranda's PREVIOUS owner's bank is playing hardball with the cheque from the dealership and has withheld the funds until it clears. My bank would have given me part of the funds, but, anyway, that's between him and his bank and has nothing to do with me.

He doesn't see it that way and advised me that I should have my keys next week sometime.

I told him that this is not acceptable. I'm really disappointed that this is how the transaction has turned out after it going so smoothly for so long. I think the biggest issue is that he clashed with the wonderful lady doing the financing--she didn't do things his way, so of course she was 'difficult.' I maintain that if he'd advised us much earlier on in the process that he was leaving the country that none of this would be an issue right now.


1001 Petals said...

Eh, I could see it as being a PITA but really, what's another week? Not worth the stress, I'd say. Unless you absolutely had to have it asap.

Sorry to hear it didn't continue to go so smoothly.

Raven said...

The issue is that I am now liable for anything that happens to this RV or that this RV does. If, for example, it was to roll down his driveway (big hill) and struck a kid, I'd be responsible for that.

In a strictly legal sense, he has stolen from me.

I've been advised by legal counsel to go see the neighbour with police in order to get my keys and to do so no later than tomorrow morning.