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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Officially an RVer?

I got my 'welcome to the FQCC' kit today!

québécoise des
camping et

(Quebec federation of camping and RVing.)

The package included stickers for Miranda's upper left rear end to identify her as belonging to this group, including a series of number that identify her uniquely. I'm not sure yet of the benefit of that.

Membership has a lot of benefits in Quebec and some across Canada and even the US.

I joined mainly because membership was 58$ and meant I paid 150$ less for my insurance policy, for a savings for 92$, plus I get the rebates at specific gas stations, campgrounds, RV supply stores, and more. Membership comes with a really nice magazine, but I opted out because it's focused on Quebec and I didn't feel it would be worth having it forwarded to wherever I end up being over the next year.

I'm looking at other discount clubs and might join one more, but that'll be it for my first year on the road.

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