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Thursday, July 17, 2008

First Major Obstacle

According to my financing lady, funds will be released to Miranda's current owner Monday or Tuesday.

Thing is, her current owner is leaving the country for two weeks starting Sunday.

He's going to try to push for an electronic bank transfer tomorrow or Monday at the latest so that he can leave keys for me with a neighbour or something along those lines.

Otherwise, Miranda won't be mine until August 4th or 5th at the earliest.

I told him that he should have advised both me and the financing lady of this on Monday so that we could have rushed the paperwork. Anyway...

I was so hoping to have her for next weekend, though. My sister is having a party at a town only an hour from where Miranda will be parked all of August and I had hoped that this could be our first trip out together. *crossing my fingers*

At any rate, I'm not going to freak out over this until I know for sure how it's going to turn out.


Bast said...

Arghhhh. Why wouldn't he tell you that in advance?!

Raven said...

As he said, he thought that since I was pre-approved, a cheque would be cut in 24 hours. He sort of tuned out the bit where I'd told him that docs would have to be courriered back and forth.