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Monday, July 14, 2008

Put It on the View Screen, Lieutenant

Miranda's only fault is that she doesn't come with a back up/rearview camera system. I can barely back up with a car and I won't have any help in guiding me into tight spots. So, I couldn't imagine hitting the road without this device.

Finding one to purchase was quite tough. The electronics stores I visited sold components for the systems, but not whole ones, and the staff wasn't very knowledgeable about these things. I don't have much experience or knowledge of electronic systems, so I didn't want to go the piecemeal route. Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire have complete systems, but they are cheap and not well rated, as well as wireless, which wouldn't work on a 31'+ rig.

Googling, I found some sites offering systems for prices ranging from 350$ to several thousand dollars.

Finally, I went to the Escapees forum I belong to (and where people have been inordinately patient with all my questions!). Someone recommended an eBay seller he's personally dealt with and who has excellent feedback. The cheapest system was 250$ (plus 30$ shipping to Quebec) and seemed very good--weatherproof camera and cable, all the hardware needed, colour monitor, and more. So, I added one more 'officialism' to my list and purchased the system.

The seller also offers side cameras. Since the monitor I purchased can be hooked up to three cameras total, I had a flash of my adding two side cameras to give me a 360 degree view around my coach... not unlike the view screen on the Enterprise!

Installing the camera seems easy enough, all things considered, except, of course, for the part that involves climbing up onto the roof. :-)

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