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Monday, July 28, 2008

President's Choice Spicy Black Bean Soup

Except for cream of tomato, broccoli, and celery, I don't buy canned soups. They're just not as satisfactory as what you can make at home. I use the creams of broccoli or celery as binders when making casseroles, but don't eat them as soup (mine are superior!), while tomato soup goes into just about everything (including cake) as well as being eaten as is. At any rate, I was at Loblaws the other day and noticed cans of Spicy Black Bean soup on mega sale. Looking at the ingredients, it seemed to basically be a thin chili. The nutritional information was impressive and I knew I couldn't buy the ingredients for the buck and change the soup was going to cost, plus there were two portions in the can. I bought it.

Last night, I heated it up and immediately the kitchen filled with the lovely aroma of black beans and spices. The taste was a tad smokey, very rich and flavourful, and there were nice chunks of vegetables in addition to lots and lots of black beans. I served the soup with cheddar sprinkled on top and a hunk of beer bread (taken out of the freezer), making most satisfactorily filling and delicious dinner.

So, I give PC a thumbs up for another fantastic Blue Menu item!

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