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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Get Me Away from Google Maps!

For a truly unfathomable reason, I thought it was possible to drive from Inuvik directly to Yellowknife, through the NWT. So, in my mind, next spring I was driving to Whitehorse, Dawson City, taking the Dempster to Inuvik, going to Yellowknife, and then heading south through Edmonton.

I have no idea where my head was. I knew better than that.

So, here is my revised cross-country itinerary:

I know how insane that looks, but it's actually reasonably doable if I save days by riding hard to Winnipeg (averaging 500km per day).

The most likely scenario, though, will be that I'll return to Alberta and Saskatchewan as planned in the spring and just go straight from Brandon to Saskatoon to Edmonton to Yellowknife to interior BC by the most direct route.

Wow. Quite the carrot.


Green Fairy said...

You're right--that does look crazy, but so much fun. :-)

Raven said...

Thankfully, I came back down to earth or, rather, below the 60th parallel, last night! LOL