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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


With the acquisition of my new home being imminent, I realised that it was time to start putting off my tool organization project, something that has become a bit of a running joke. I bought a nice tool box a few years back, but it won't be suitable for the RV. I decided that a couple of soft-sided bags with lots of compartments would be better.

I started my search at Réno-Dépôt, knowing they would have the largest selection so I could get an idea of what I did and didn't want. Then, I went to Canadian Tire.

Canadian Tire might have some of the worst service on the planet, but it really is a great store. It carries the same wide range of items, in both selection and price, as Sears, Walmart, and Zellers. Prices are average; usually better than Sears, but not as good as Walmart or Zellers. Still, it's a great one-stop shopping destination. When in a strange town and needing something, I rather go there than the other options because I know I'll get better prices than Sears, but a better quality and quantity of selection than Walmart or Zellers.

The thing that really makes shopping at CDN Tire worth it are its sales. It doesn't kid around with sales, they're the real thing. When you go to CDN Tire, I recommend checking your budget at the door. If something has been on your 'I'd like this one day list' and it's on sale that day, get it. If you don't, you'll never again find that item for such a low price. I'm speaking from years of regret!

I focused on the tool section tonight and immediately stumbled on a kit of squeeze vises/grips in a carry bag. On my 'ILTODL', regularly 11.99$, now 4.49$. Into the basket it went.

Then off to the tool kits. Found the soft sided bag I wanted and it came with a smaller, more compartmentalized, bag; with the purpose being 'put your every day tools in the small bag, chuck the rest in the big bag.' Big bag regularly 39.99$. Small bag regularly 25.99$. Both bags tonight 14.99$. Not each, 14.99$ for both together.

Finally, I got to the screw drivers. I have two screw drivers with changeable bits. I hate them!!! My fingers are very insensitive and clumsy so I'm always dropping the darn bits when I want to switch from a square head to a star, etc. I've been wanting to get a complete, piecemeal, screw driver kit; the kind with extra long drivers and extra short ones on top of the regular length. It'd be extra weight in the RV, but worth it in aggravation. Found such a kit. Regularly 59.99$, 19.99$ tonight.

Total for all items: less than what I had budgeted for the tool box.

Now, I have no excuse not to get that bit of my life organized. :-)

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Cedar said...

Good bargains for sure! and after reading your previous post, it is certainly time to get out of that awful place. Go, go go!