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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Inspection Results

First off, let me say that the coach is just as beautiful and spacious as I remembered it. I'm surprised!

So, the inspection.

The coach is in perfect condition. It's not just in good condition for its age. It's in perfect condition. Other than a really nitpicky item, I need to do absolutely nothing. The tires are just about new, I don't need to even think about the brakes for another 50K km, the fridge runs perfectly, the engine's good, the suspension is outstanding and doesn't even present a hint of a noted flaw in some of these types of chassis, there has been no water infiltration whatsoever (not even the kind that was fixed) and so on and so on and so on. All I can expect to need to do in the next two years at least are routine things like oil changes. The inspector says that he has never, in the dozens if not hundreds, of coaches he's seen, inspected one that was in that good of a condition. That it's a 1997 is further astounding.

The nitpicky item is that the automatic starter for the stove doesn't work. He can fix that for me if I want, but it's a couple hundred bucks, so I'll just stick to lighting the burners myself for now since an automatic starter is solidly in my list of luxury items.

So, well, wow.

Even with all this in mind, I've been firmly advised that the condition is a bonus for me and only an opportunity to get a price at the higher end of the value range for the owner. Both the inspector and the finance lady tell me that the price asked is not even a starting point. The only thing that should take me out of that range is the fact that he's open to including the tow bar, but to make sure that I don't wind up paying full price for that.

All that to say, I'm green lighted to start the not much fun part of this process.

And that this is obviously the coach I was meant to find.

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